Saturday, September 10, 2011

poodle skirt apron

today i googled poodle skirts & aprons, totally separate from each other...what i ended up with was a poodle skirt that was an apron! and i LOVED it! so i decided i needed to make one for myself. due to my addiction to fabric, i had almost the exact same kind already on hand! i sort of made it up as i went, obviously for this one i didn't have a pattern. here's how it turned out!

{inspiration apron}


i am so happy with how mine turned out! that black ribbon on the bottom is sparkly and adds just the right amount of bling that i like. it has a double pocket that is lined to make it sturdier. the entire apron is lined as well to make it thicker and again, sturdier. i'm getting geared up for my next craft show and i see lots of people using aprons to keep their money instead of cash boxes, so i figured i better have a cute homemade one! i need to get the poodle yet, i just love that part, but i'll get it next time i go to joann's or hobby lobby. walmart might have them too??? i'm not very technical when it comes to sewing, but i get really excited when stuff turns out like i envision! can't wait to use it! ooooh i'll probably have to machine embroider lil' squirt designs on it somewhere too! duh! gotta have my label:) in fact i'm going to do that right now!!!!

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